Tent Rental at its best

Comfort Teltudlejning says: No matter the event, keeping guests comfortable is paramount.

And when an indoor space is not in the cards, the most efficient and elegant solution can be a classic tent from Comfort Teltudlejning.

Teltudlejning fra Comfort Teltudlejning Nordsjælland

“We can and have done it all,” said Ole Kyhl, owner, Comfort Teltudlejning. “From small dinner parties to large weddings, our service works with the client to find the best options for the event and then offer those services at a reasonable price.”

Tent rentals are offered with or without flooring options and delivered in a variety of sizes.

“We offer our beautiful white tents with optional floors from three meters long up to 15 up to five meters wide,” Kyhl said. “No matter how large or small the event, we have options that can suit the need.”

He said they work with event organizers to find that perfect size for planned activities.

And for those extra-large festivities, large sizes can also be secured.

“Should the atmosphere need to be extra special, we also have pagoda tents six by six meters that can be assembled in extension, angle or square to a variety of configurations, as well,” Kyhl said.

One of the more critical features he said customers appreciate outside of the friendly service is the safety embedded in the rental.

“Our tents meet all fire safety requirements, making sure that event guests have no concerns as they enjoy the event,” Kyhl said. “Outside of that, we ensure all of our set-ups follow all relevant codes and regulations, so organizers and attendees have only to show up and have an amazing time under our classic tents.”

This can be especially important for event space rentals, as commercial interests are responsible for guest safety.

“We make it easy and carefree to rent from Comfort Teltudlejning,” Kyhl said. “Across North Zealand, we have proven time and time again to be the leader in tent rental. And that is important given the responsibilities required. Many of our competitors may offer a better price, but customers should be warned, with a substandard company, the risk increases substantially.”

With the service, he said all set up and tear down is included in the cost.

“When you rent from us, we do the setup so you can focus on event planning and the many other things that draw organizers’ attention during large events,” Kyhl said. “We aim to make it as easy as possible to host and enjoy any outdoor event.”

In addition to the tent rental, one of the most requested services is the inclusion of wooden floors that can help facilititate a high-class feel.

Easy Tent Rental with floor

“We make it easy to add on a wooden floor to the rental, so guests can dance, eat, play and relax in the most comfortable setting imaginable while also enjoying the area’s natural beauty,” Kyhl said.

Comfort festtelt

“Growing up in Espergærde and later my time in Elsinore has given me a particular insight into the needs of area residents. I have been involved in the area since my time as an electrical installer in 1989, and I remain proud to provide this service to all my friends and neighbors in the region.

For more information about Comfort Teltudlejning visit comfortteltudlejning.dk.